Retirement Benefits

Made Simple.

Start a plan in minutes. Per participant fees just $3/mo. Invest in their future, so they'll stay invested in yours.

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Cudos helps small business owners support their workers with simplified retirement benefits.

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How it works

A simplified retirement savings program that's built for modern business

Start A Plan In Minutes

Getting started is easy. Just tell us a little about your business and add a payment method for your plan. After that, we'll give you a unique invite link to share with your team.

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Workers Open Their Own Cudos IRAs

Through our online platform, your workers will be able to open their own tax-advantaged Individual Retirement Account (IRA), which is separate from your business.

We Help Them Save & Invest For Tomorrow

We'll recommend an investment portfolio suited for your workers' personal needs. They'll contribute directly from their own bank accounts and Cudos will automatically invest their deposits in the selected portfolio.

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list of Cudos participants to add or remove

You Just Add or Remove Your Participants

We'll let you know when an employee account is opened to get your approval before adding them to your plan. From there, simply add or remove participants with a few clicks and only pay for your active employees - that's it.

Give Cudos Now!

Because they deserve a more secure future

Built For Your Industry

Learn about how Cudos serves the needs of your business

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In an industry where labor is key, Cudos helps contractors of all sizes invest in their crews with ease.

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For the loyal workers who invest in your restaurant brand, Cudos offers a simple way to invest in them.

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Small Business

We're leveling the playing field. Whether you've got 5 workers or 500, we built Cudos to fit your needs.

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Franchisors can offer a branded experience to their franchisees at no cost to themselves - An easy way to support the workers who represent your brand.

Plan Benefits

Helping your team build the more secure future they deserve

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Tax-Advantaged Growth

Workers enjoy the tax benefits of their IRAs. Roth IRAs can offer accessible funds that grow tax-free, while Traditional IRAs can defer taxes owed today until funds are withdrawn at a later date.

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Automated Investments

Starting with as little as $10, we'll automatically invest workers' deposits in their selected portfolio and rebalance them periodically to help keep their money on the right track.

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Portable Benefits

Built for the needs of today's increasingly mobile workforce, Cudos' accounts travel with your team whenever they go. Allowing you to have a lasting impact as they continue investing in their future.

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No-to-Low Cost Fees

While workers participate in your Cudos plan, we'll waive their monthly fees*. If they're removed, all they have to do is pay our monthly wrap fee (typically $3/mo) to continue with the program.

*miscellaneous custodial fees may still apply

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Direct ACH Deposits

Your team will be able to contribute directly from their own bank accounts. That way you don't have to manage any payroll deductions and they get the flexibility to control their monthly savings.

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Potential Tax Credits

Eligible employees can take advantage of the IRS Saver's Credit which offers them anywhere from a 10-50% tax credit on contributions made to their Cudos IRA (up to a $2,000 credit).

Pricing That Scales With Your Needs

Say goodbye to high-fixed costs that hurt your bottom line and say hello to affordable, per-participant pricing that comfortably scales with your business.

Don't Forget To Invest In Your Future Too.

You've got a lot on your plate. Cudos can help you save & invest for tomorrow so that you can stay focused on your business today.

See how our program works for participants in this quick video

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What Cudos Does For Participants:

Join Us In Our Mission

We're on a mission to make retirement benefits accessible to all hard-working Americans. Help us reach our goal by sharing Cudos with your community today.

Give Cudos Now

Invest in their future, so they'll stay invested in yours.