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Learn about how Cudos serves the needs of your business

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In an industry where labor is key, Cudos helps contractors of all sizes invest in their crews with ease.

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Franchisors can offer a branded experience to their franchisees at not cost to themselves - A simple way to support the workers who represent your brand.

Hair & Beauty

With Cudos, salons and studios can help their stylists (both W2s and 1099s) save & invest for tomorrow.

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Home Care

Cudos helps independent home care agencies retain and support the caregivers who drive their business.


In the service-driven hospitality industry, your people are your business. Cudos helps you invest in them.

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Real Estate

Cudos allows brokers of all sizes to support their agents (both W2s and 1099s) with ease.

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For the loyal workers who invest in your restaurant brand, Cudos offers a simple way to invest in them.

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Cudos offers a convenient, low-cost way for retailers to retain and support quality talent at their business.

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Small Business

We're leveling the playing field. Whether you've got 5 workers or 500, we built Cudos to fit your needs.

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Spa & Wellness

In the service-driven wellness industry, Cudos offers a simple way for spas to invest in their workers.


Cudos helps independent staffing agencies compete for talent with our simple, portable program.

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Offering retirement benefits at a startup can be hard. Our scalable program was made to change that.

How It Works

Start a plan online in minutes. Simply tell us a little about your business and send an invite to your team. We'll take care of the rest.

Pricing Plan

Say goodbye to high-fixed costs that hurt your bottom line and say hello to affordable, per-participant pricing that comfortably scales with your business.

Our Mission

We believe that everyone deserves a more secure future. That's why we're on a mission to make retirement benefits accessible to all hardworking Americans.

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